Our epic project is finally on its way!

Lima, Peru – The starting point of our epic Trans-Andes Rally 2022! Finally, and after years of planning and Corona delays our team of adventurers has set off on an 11.000+ km driving adventure from Lima, Peru all the way down to the end of the world to Ushuaia, Argentina. Incredible 40 days behind the steering wheel of a specially prepared Safari Porsche are ahead filled with unforgettable memories of a lifetime!

See below the first and very fresh impressions!

This Beyond Adventure Trans-Andes Rally is far from the ordinary – it is taking the drivers and the cars to the edge of what is possible. Therefore, the team and 16 participants are specially selected ‘automotive explorers’ and friends from all around the world – the United States, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, Australia and Denmark – and all are up for the ultimate challenge! A combination of stunning nature, intense driving, hard stages and need of good navigation skills but spiced up with great accommodation and food is waiting! And the vast majority of the endeavor is of course driven as Classic Rally!

The route takes us through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. An amazing mix of highlights upon highlights.

South America – home to one of the oldest known civilizations will welcome you to reveal its sacred places. The diversity of landscapes and geographical altitude will astonish from start to finish. Rain forests, deserts, coastlines, ice-covered glacier areas – all of this to explore. The mysterious Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Atacama desert being the driest places on the planet and the entire Patagonia region waits to embrace with their heritage.

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And if you are interested in joining yourself in 2023 on an unforgettable Beyond Adventure in Patagonia or South America register your interest:

March 20th – April 5th, 2023)

A vast region sparsely populated at the southern end of the South American continent with a stunning mixture of endless gravel and tarmac roads surrounded by wild nature, untamed coastlines and a world of the finest wine areas.


(April 14th – May 1st, 2023)

From Santiago de Chile to Lima. The wonders of South America set the stage for incredible endeavours. This vastly under-explored continent was once home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. South America has charm, beauty, and elegance unparalleled, and is simply begging to be explored.



Extraordinary driving adventures demand extraordinary vehicles
perfectly suited for the challenges.

Porsche 911 (964/993) KALMAR RS

Re-engineered well-proven Porsche 964/993 so they can be used in adventurous environments normally not visited. Rally prepared, special wheels, roll cages, underbody protection, lifted rally shock absorbers etc.

Porsche Cayenne KALMAR CS

Made for adventure and delivering off-road performance beyond your expectations and simply tailored for challenges for epic overland driving! Full underbody and front protection, mud-terrain tires, lightweight reduction etc.



(26th May – 2nd June, 2023)

A spiritual Drive in the Himalayas – Discover the country using backroads to untouched villages while enjoying the most beautiful sights. Let yourself be surprised and expect the unexpected.

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(23rd September – 2nd October, 2023)

Welcome to the highlands of Africa – the home of the mountain gorillas, volcanoes, lakes and never-ending savannahs. This continent has a lot to offer!

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(2nd – 7th and 09th – 14th July, 2023)

Astonishing views, challenging gravel roads, inspiring places and a unique fleet of air-cooled Porsche 911s. The Alps-Crossing you never knew possible! Let Beyond Adventure take you to new heights in the heart of Europe.

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(March 2024)

Morocco is a place of spectacular natural scenery full of epic mountain ranges and desert! Let Beyond Adventure take you into areas you could not imagine you would reach – from highest Saharan dunes to the peaks of High Atlas.

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