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We offer Exclusive Automotive Adventure Experiences – Our special driving concepts have evolved over time. Now after many years of developing and executing extraordinary driving programs for automotive manufacturers we decided to do it under our own brand!

To make it short: 
We create the best driving program in the world and being independent means we put you as a customer in the centre of attention. We turn dreams into a reality that few believe possible.

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Bhutan – The mountains are magnificent, the countryside is green, the air is pure and the architecture is striking. This is Bhutan, the secret Shangri La or the Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon, the best-kept secret in the travel industry.

Georgia – A country with plenty of surprises that can really defy your expectations. The crossroad between Europe and Asia, where still untouched land is to be found. Friendly and always inviting you to their homes – Georgians are very proud of their culture and food.

Intercontinental Rally Dakar – If you want to live the „Dakar spirit“, the annual Intercontinental Rally Raid is just for you. It is a must do for motor enthusiasts who want to test their boundaries in a challenging but well-organised Trans-Africa rally. A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.We are looking forward to creating life-lasting memories with you. We make the impossible possible.

Feel free to contact us on e-mail or directly on WhatsApp to our adventure team who can answer all questions.

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Marcus Grönholm Winter Experience
The Longest Drive 

„Für den oben stehenden Beitrag sowie für das angezeigte Bild- und Tonmaterial ist allein der jeweils angegebene Nutzer verantwortlich. Eine inhaltliche Kontrolle des Beitrags seitens der Seitenbetreiberin erfolgt weder vor noch nach der Veröffentlichung. Die Seitenbetreiberin macht sich den Inhalt insbesondere nicht zu eigen.“

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