The culinary highlights at Baselworld

From take-away to snack bars and Michelin-starred cuisine, the culinary offerings at this year’s Baselworld are as numerous as they are varied. An extensive selection for every taste, from sandwiches and poké bowls to sausage grill and Italian cuisine, is available in almost every hall and also on Exhibition Square. Please visit our website for further information.



Fine Dining at Baselworld

Central Plaza Restaurant

In the Central Plaza Restaurant, you can expect and enjoy exquisite cuisine and extraordinary service. The fine dining concept was created by the event caterer Wassermann & Company in cooperation with the Glion Institute of Higher Education.

La Table d’Hôte

A second spot for gourmet cuisine is La Table d’Hôte where up to twenty guests can sit at the cooking bar and enjoy a first-class meal consisting of two or three courses. The concept and the design for this location were also created by Glion’s Institute experts.

For reservations, please send an email to Reservations can also be made by phoning +41 (0) 61 2010845.


Renowned chefs are guests at Baselworld

Three gourmet chefs from Glion are present at Baselworld and will be pleased to make your acquaintance. They all hold the title of Meilleur Ouvirier de France (MOF), a coveted award that has been conferred to masters in various metiers every four years since 1924 by the French Ministry of Labour and the “Société des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”.

Chantal Wittmann

Chantal Wittmann is Gastronomic Restaurant Manager and Senior Lecturer at Glion Institute. There, she is also head of the managing and teaching service at Le Bellevue, Glion’s fine-dining restaurant. She won MOF in service in 2011, only the second woman to win this title.


Fabien Foare

Fabien Foare is Executive Chef and Director of Food Production at Glion Institute. In 2016, joined the team at the Académie de Cuisine Benoît Violier, part of the Hôtel de Ville de Crissier, a triple-Michelin-starred restaurant in Switzerland. He earned MOF in Catering in 2011.


Benoît Carcenat

Benoît Carcenat is Culinary Arts Advisor and Senior Lecturer at Glion Institute. He is also in charge of the menu and concept behind Fresh, Glion’s restaurant dedicated to healthy, sustainable cuisine. In 2015, he earned the title of MOF in Cuisine.


How do you best enjoy your meal?

Pay fast and easy with the Food Card.
Wassermann & Company offer a special service to guests of Baselworld. At all restaurants and food stands you can pay with the FOOD CARD.

The advantage: you keep track of your expenses and you can pass the card along to your employees, guests and/or customers.

You decide: you can top up your card with a prepaid credit or opt to receive an invoice with all items individually listed at the end of your stay at the show.

More information can be found here. Simply register and pay without cash.


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