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Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure it is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures. We offer you to explore bucket-list destinations all around the world from behind the steering wheel of specially prepared cars ready for the challenges!

How about having your own tailor-made air-cooled Porsche 911 or Porsche Cayenne?

Some cars make driving from A to B more than just transportation. Extraordinary driving adventures demand extraordinary vehicles, and with this in mind we now proudly introduce KALMAR Automotive, the ”home of bespoke cars”.

Most of you receiving these newsletters do have a strong passion for driving special cars, so you will surely enjoy the models offered by our newly established sister-company KALMAR Automotive. This is modern coachbuilding taken to the next level, where much of the experience behind the safari builds has been gained on the demanding Beyond Adventure trips.

The KALMAR 7-97 developed and built jointly with 9-times Le Mans Winner Tom Kristensen as a tribute to his first Le Mans victory which took place in a Joest Porsche in 1997. We call it Automotive Haute-Couture.

The KALMAR RS (Rally Special) is a converted Porsche 964/993 ready to take on deserts, ice roads or racetracks. This is an automotive “Swiss Army-knife” as it with only small changes conquers all sorts of surfaces.

The KALMAR CS (Cayenne Special) is a converted Porsche Cayenne which we successfully have developed to beat world records. A car that never stops to amaze when leaving highways and heading off the beaten track.

There are more models to come and common for all is that you will get exactly the car you always dreamt of.

If you are looking to get your own tailor-made Porsche, let us know so we can create a car as unique as our Beyond Adventure driving experiences. “We start where the others stop” remains the motto throughout all we do.

If you want to test one of the cars, then this is possible either on our own test track or on the trips we offer around the world.

When you choose to have your own car build, you can always use it at the Beyond Adventures and Spirit of Speed winter training, the team will happily service and maintain the car. This will of course be in between you use it for your own adventurous drives.

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(28th February – 07th March, 2021)

A thrilling combination of real ice and rally tracks becomes the ideal playground to challenge yourself and „your“  air-cooled Porsche 911. Why not experience the real deal, where you can to push the cars to their limits?
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(19th – 25th June, 2021)

Enjoy world-class food combined with an unusual visit to this fairytale country – home of the phenomena “hygge” – a unique state of mind which according to some can only be experienced here!
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(29th June – 8th July, 2021)

Welcome to the highlands of Africa – the home of the mountain gorillas, volcanoes, lakes and never-ending savannahs. This continent has a lot to offer!
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(16th -21th July, 2021)

Astonishing views, challenging gravel roads, inspiring places and a unique fleet of air-cooled Porsche 911s. The Alps-Crossing you never knew possible! Let Beyond Adventure take you to the new heights in the heart of Europe.
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