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Uncovering the secrets of the World’s Happiest Country – all from behind the steering wheel of a Porsche or your own car!

At Beyond Adventure we always aim to take you on unique driving adventures in areas that are far away from touristic routes and many times far away from home. Yet, sometimes places that are closest to us can surprise us with the unexpected! And that is exactly what happened to me – I have rediscovered my own homeland Denmark and as a result prepared an astonishing Beyond Adventure Gourmet Special Denmark! Waiting for you in June 2021!

Look forward to a culinary adventure designed to visit some of the best restaurants in the world, to experience the less visited places in this inviting Nordic country and to enjoy super authentic accommodation and escapes. Despite Denmark with its only 45.000 km2 is tiny, you will encounter the most magnificent backroads here. I set out to avoid all highways and succeeded!

We start our adventure in Copenhagen where you will get insights into some of the hidden and unexpected places but also the nicest locations around the capital. After being accustomed to the Danish rhythm it is time to leave Copenhagen behind and of course in style – a private sea plane will take us to the Island Fyn where the driving adventure and easy travel will begin. You will be truly amazed by all the stunning narrow country roads selected and the views awaiting! During our drive, you will not only stop at the highest point in Denmark – which happens to be the bridge tower of one of the largest bridges in the world but also experience the well-known Scandinavian “white nights” as the sun won’t really set on those days of the year when you will be there.

The Danish cuisine of course is a chapter of its own that needs no further introduction, you simply will have to explore it yourself! Enjoy world-class food at Noma, Alchemist and Geranium while finding pleasure in the phenomena “hygge” which does not translate to any other language – it is unique to Denmark and the pure combination of happiness and coziness… Resulting in Denmark being many times awarded the happiest country in the world.

As you can see Denmark is more than Vikings and Hans Christian Andersen – it is calling you to discover clean sea-air, country roads, amazing sites, unforgettable taste explosions and happy vibes!

Can’t wait to welcome you to my country!




Are you ready for your

(11th-18th January, 2021)
This experience comes to life 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Levi, Finland! Together with 9-times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen we have developed this challenging ice driving experience aiming for high performance and adrenaline but never forgetting the „Spirit of Speed“. Prepare yourself for specially prepared Porsche 911 (964/993) Rally Editions fitted with World Rally Championship tires. A thrilling combination of real ice and rally tracks becomes the ideal playground to challenge yourself and „your“ Porsche 911.

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(12th-18th March, 2021)
Siberia is one of those places that most have heard about and only a few have visited voluntarily. With Beyond Adventure we make it possible to go straight on to the nature highlight of the region, Lake Baikal. We always do things the spectacular way! A private shuttle from Irkutsk airport to the camp. Here you get the keys to an air-cooled Porsche 911 fitted with special ice tires. Spend a full day driving on the 2-meter thick crystal clear 31.000 km2 large ice cube! Yes, this is adventure pure!

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(29th June–8th July, 2021)
Ready for the close encounter with endangered mountain gorillas? Some describe this experience as spiritual! This is an Adventure for all with a desire to see the real Africa. Get up close with the amazing African wildlife, but as always, we add the „Beyond Adventure magic“ to it. Experience the unexpected cleanliness of Rwanda spiced up with the capturing vistas of never-ending tea plantations. Continue to Uganda which surely is more „Africa“. That is the ultimate safari – hard ever to top. To complement this real African experience, you will also be mesmerized by all the colors in nature and of the beautiful people.

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(16th-21th July, 2021)
The Alps-Crossing is truly a bucket-list-worth experience you never thought possible! Routes passing the highest mountains in Europe using mostly unknown passages and not the tourist routes many know. Challenging gravel roads and endless mountain passes – routes we could hardly believe exist so close to the civilized world right in the heart of industrial Europe. Less than 30 km away from major cities you feel like you just landed on the moon – not what most expect from Europe. We do offer our specially prepared air-cooled Porsche 911s and Porsche Cayennes.

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