Enjoy the world from your sofa – until we all can travel again!


Enjoy the world from your sofa – until we all can travel again!

The extraordinary world as we know it has a lot to offer, during these COVID-19 days it is nearly impossible to experience it how we like it – “live”. While waiting for the world to reopen, so we again all can add to our travel experiences with unforgettable adventures, we have collected some fantastic

moments from the past and some future Adventures you can join. So enjoy this quick ”around the world” from your home.

Unique road-trips with freedom – is the essence of what Beyond Adventure offer. Endeavors that exceeds all expectations. Experiences only found here, nowhere else. A unique combination of rough nature, pure luxury and excitement but all with amazing drives as the common factor. We really live after our motto ”we start where the others stop” and deliver a second to none service, far from the ordinary mainstream travel arrangement.

“Welcome on board!“

The Untamed Wilderness
Come close to the purest nature and human spirit. Bhutan simply blows everyone away with the majestic mountains, clean air and unexplored nature. But it does not stop there – the entire experience is amplified by the people of Bhutan. We have created a unique route that reveals the real spirit of Tibet. The human spirit here seems even cleaner than the clean mountain air of Himalaya. Fantastic views per kilometer are second to none here. Read more about Beyond Adventure Bhutan.

In the Name of Love
Paris is often looked at as the capital of love, but the major tourist capitals are not what we aim for. To be honest, we do all we can to avoid them, we look for the special twist and explore the possibility to do what no one else is doing. A great example is our Alps-Crossing adventure. Although the route goes right through the heart of industrial Europe – we have found routes that even stunned us. Less than 30 km away from major cities you feel like you just landed on the moon even in Europe. As if the surprising nature was not enough we give you the keys to our own specially designed air-cooled Porsches. Yes, you drive these iconic Sportscars over the Alps on gravel roads in 3000 m altitude. Read more about Beyond Adventure Alps-Crossing.

Modern Skyline
We have chosen to use this unusual time to prepare new adventure – and soon we will announce Beyond Adventure Japan. There has been a strong request if we could offer a trip to Japan. It is not an easy destination when we aim for hardcore gravel adventures. We have managed to add the ”Beyond Adventure Twist” and offer the ultimate Retro trip – as the cars are the Japanese dream cars form the 90’s: Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Evolution, Honda NSX and S2000, Toyota Supra and of course Subaru Impreza. The perfect mix of unexpected nature, Cherry blossom, 1000’s of years of history, a culture unique to Japan and as always amazing accommodation and food… All finishing in the ultra-modern Tokyo where the skyline can be enjoyed on your own. Click here to register your interest.

Exotic Skies
Are you dreaming of a spiritual encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas – then join our Beyond Adventure African Highlands. This is an adventure for all with a desire to see the real Africa. Get up close with the amazing wildlife of this part of Africa, but as always we add magic to it all. Experience the unique cleanness of Rwanda spiced up with the capturing vistas of never-ending tea plantages in addition to the wildlife of course. Uganda is surely more “African” but the adventure planned will be hard to top in the near future. The ”Grand Finale” is the overnight stay on the private island in the middle of the River Nile…. Ups- did we forget to mention the night safaris and private big-cat tracking? Read more about Beyond Adventure African Highlands.

Ice-cold Paradise
Just before the world came to a full stop, we delivered what for us is the definition of an ultimate driving playground. Wonderful days enjoyed 200 km north of the arctic circle with equal minded petrol heads. Tons of sun and even more smiles. The drivers and cars competed on who could shine the most. It gave the entire team unlimited motivation to keep developing the concept. We will soon announce big changes and save dates in the second half of January 2021. Those joining this year all said it was the best ever winter driving experience – and next year we will lift the bar even higher. Stay tuned!

So lockdown does limit our possibility to travel across borders, but it does not take away our desire to explore the world. I even dare to say that in these circumstances the desire only increases. Hope this virtual trip around the world will help to shorten the waiting time until we can all experience this LIVE!

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