Enjoy world-class food at Noma, Alchemist and Geranium combined with an unusual visit to this fairytale country!

As the COVID-19 has changed our daily lives and the way we interact, we at Beyond Adventure also adapt to the situation.

While cities shut down, people engage in social distancing and climate of uncertainty surrounds travel, I together with my team continue to work on new adventures and share them with you as it has become essential to connect with others at a time of isolation.

We have created this „Denmark Gourmet Special“ to attract those of you who see food as more than a necessity to survive. With our selected date in 2021 we hope we are all well passed the COVID-19 outbreak. If against all odds this is not the case, at least our European customers will be able to come to Denmark by car.

Denmark is more than Vikings and Hans Christian Andersen. It is also home to some of the world’s best restaurants. In addition, it is my home country. Thus, I have personally selected this visit.

As Beyond Adventure is all about exploring the world on passionate and unique driving adventures, this culinary adventure is designed to visit some of the world’s best restaurants but also experience the hidden beauty of our little kingdom. Despite Denmark is a tiny country, there are many regional differences. Danes are known to be the “Latinos of North Europe”. Unique to Denmark is the phenomenon “hygge” which does not translate to any other language – it is a combination of happiness and coziness… Resulting in being awarded the happiest country in the world.

Denmark is calling you to discover clean air, amazing food and good vibes!

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